About My Credit Track and Tricia Snow

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In the late ’90s, I had the opportunity to purchase a home from a family member’s estate. I knew this was an opportunity to begin my dream of investing in real estate. After I began the mortgage process I was immediately overwhelmed. My divorce had affected my credit negatively and unbeknownst to me, I had to clear some things up. No one had prepared me for that situation and I struggled to find the help I needed to repair and restore my credit.

Fortunately, I was able to overcome my credit issues quickly. Eventually, I was able to purchase the home which started my family’s real estate business. Through the process, I learned a lot of lessons about credit and credit management.

After going through this experience, I changed careers and became a loan officer for a local mortgage lender. When I eventually opened my own mortgage firm, I had client after client who had struggled with their credit. It was then that I decided to add credit repair services and conduct first-time home-buyer seminars. I wanted to help folks become “lendable” and obtain the best financing options available.

Why I Started My Credit Track

Over the past 20 years, I have worked in various positions in the financial services industry but my primary focus was always on lending. I have helped 1000’s of clients obtain the financing they needed to build their own dreams, whether it be purchasing a home or starting a business.

It was only natural for me to create a resource that gives folks accurate information on how to transform their credit and thus their lives.

My Credit Track will give you sound information that will help you to understand how our credit reporting systems work and how to obtain and maintain a good and even excellent credit score.

  • I will give you simple, easy to understand action steps to repair, restore and maintain your credit score.
  • Get honest and reliable reviews of the best credit repair companies if you want professional assistance rather than doing it on your own.
  • Use our guides, templates and letters in our Credit Knowledge Center to repair and restore your credit on your own.
Tricia Snow
Owner and Managing Editor

Career Accolades

  • Successful Real Estate Investor
  • Branch Manager of a KB Homes-Regional Mortgage Division
  • Branch Manager and Owner of a Mortgage Firm licensed in 12 States
  • Managed an average monthly $20mm Residential and Commercial Mortgage Pipeline
  • Branch Manager TD Bank
  • CEO Leadership Award Recipient TD Bank
  • Small Business Champion TD Bank
  • Commercial Credit Certification

How This Site Makes Money

Throughout my career, I have made the interests of my clients my number one priority. I created this website with this same philosophy. This has made me a valuable partner to those who work with me because they know that my goal is to educate first so you can make an informed decision before purchasing any services.

This same philosophy also extends to how we monetize our site.

My Credit Track makes money through advertising and affiliate agreements with partners that share a common vision for helping people make better decisions about their credit. We have done the due diligence for you and I only recommend products and services that I have found to be reliable and of good reputation.

If you decide to sign up for a product or service you find through My Credit Track, we might earn a commission from our partners at no additional cost to you. This helps to cover the costs of running the site.


We take your privacy seriously at My Credit Track and we will never sell your data or personal information to anyone. You can view our Privacy Policy here.

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